Beckett and Bay Watch

This is how the Red Sox are supposed to play against the Kansas City Royals, especially how Josh Beckett should pitch against the team with the 2nd worst record in the American league. The Royals have some legitimate major league players but not at every position like the Red Sox.

And as far as the Jason Bay watch goes. I think last night’s 4 hits (including the one that should have been a home run which was rolling along the top of the wall before being brought back in by Royals outfielder Ross Gload- gotta see this one on sportscenter 5) proves that he really knows how to hit mediocre pitching. Let’s see if he can continue that tonight against rookie Luke Hochevar who has 6 career wins. I do like Bay batting 6th. He, Lowell, Youkilis, and JD Drew are pretty interchangeable and I like taking the pressure of hitting 4th away from Bay.

Has Dustin Pedroia quickly turned into one of the most enjoyable at bats in the league. He has a pretty good eye at the plate and seems to be able to hit any pitch much like Vladimir Guererro who can hit virtuallly any pitch out of the park.

Julio Lugo might as well start thinking about what team he would like to play for because he is a goner. Jed Lowrie is here to stay. Unfortunately, like high priced free agent Edgar Renteria, the Red Sox are going to have to pay a large, LARGE chunk of his remaining 18 Million in salary. Wonder how that sits with John Henry and Larry Lucchino


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