Pats 1st Exhibition-Terrible

If the Pats 1st Exhibition game was an art exhibition, they would have closed it after an hour. This was the ugliest exhibition of football in Foxboro I can remember since the Rod Rust 1 and 15 days (tho I must be blocking out a few of these joke pre-season games, like the 27-3 loss to the Giants, and the 31-0 loss to Jacksonville in the final pre-season games of ’05 and ’04, where like last night-hardly any starters played)

The Patriots should refund every dollar that was spent on tickets last night. Most of the big name starters didn’t play-19 in all, and the most of the rest of the Patriot players looked like they were suiting up for thier 1st ever football game. It started off badly -Matt Cassel 1-4, 1 interception, and it got worse.(How soon do they sign Chad Pennington?).

Let’s give Bill Belichick credit for 2 things last night-1) He maintained his usual poker face after the game when saying “Well, I think that was a good learning experience for our team tonight….it was a very competitive game all the way. I think we got a lot out of it. Certainly, there are a lot of things we could do better but I thought there were some positives out there to work with.” (I do not know how he didn’t just break up after that comment, except that we know that that is not in his makeup) and most importantly 2) after his team scored a TD to cut it to 16-15, he went for 2 points rather than kicking the extra point which could have sent this game into overtime. Bill’s no dummie-he didn’t want to have to watch any more of last night’s debacle that he absolutely had to.


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  1. The most troublesome part of the Pat’s first exhibition game is the performance of Matt Cassel. This guy has been around for a few years now and he seemed out of touch with the game. The only thing we have to fear is a Tom Brady injury and having Matt Cassel as the backup. Yikes!

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