This is Seriously troubling for the Red Sox and their fans. Tim Wakefield going on the disabled list now when the team is struggling, specifically fellow starting pitcher Clay Buchholz.

On the short term, who will start tomorrow night on Wakefield’s next scheduled start since Bartolo Colon is still at least a week away- Justin Masterson? 29 year old Charlie Zink(13-4 at Pawtucket)? JD Drew?

Wakefield’s sore shoulder shouldn’t come as a huge shock-knuckleball or not. I mean he is 42 years old and just before last years playoffs when he had to shut it down for the rest of the year, he did talk about the possibility of never pitching again.

Much more surprising is how the Red Sox have continued to let 23 year old Clay Buchhlolz get knocked around. This goes against all conventional wisdom on how to handle a young pitcher. You do not and can not let his confidence be shaken. Buchholz has not won a major league game in over 3 months (May 2). I know he went back down to Pawtucket and pitched well, which makes his performance in the majors since being recalled a month ago (5 straight losses, 6 overall) even more troubling.

With Tampa now 4 and half up- keep your eye on Chicago and Minnesota who the Red Sox now lead in the wild card by just a game and a half.


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