Manny being Manny in LA

Last night the Dodgers were all set to start the 9th inning except for one small problem- they didn’t have a left fielder. Guess who?  ..and they couldn’t go looking into a green monster for him.

Manny was in the locker room. Joe Torre claims that there was a lack of communication saying that Manny thought Torre was taking Ramirez out after the 8th inning and giving him the rest of the night off. The problem with that explanation was that all of the Dodgers outfielders had already played and there was no other outfielder to put in for Manny… I know that this may come as a real shock that Manny didn’t actually know that there weren’t any outfielders available.

Now, Manny claims he was going to the bathroom. Let’s just leave it at that. But you should have seen the look on the face of Manny’s teammate who was sent into the locker room to get Ramirez.

Manny did eventually make it out to left field with dredlocks flowing and a big smile on his face. Hey, what’s the matter mahn(ny).  ..I don’t know, I kind of miss him.



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  1. It did not take long for the Dodger’s to get a taste of the real Manny. I thought he would be on good behavior a little longer. I wonder if Torre will be able to keep him in line.
    I do miss the “nice Manny”. He was a pleasure to watch at bat. The excitement he generated in an important at bat. You knew he would come thru with a big hit. The one two punch of Ortiz and Ramirez.
    The end of his Red Sox career was miserable for his fans. The fans that always defended him as “Manny being Manny”. He repaid us with not trying, faking injury, holding up trade signs, striking out on purpose, fighting with other Red Sox employees and bad mouthing the Red Sox on his way out the door. No teamate or fan deserves the Manny treatment. Now it’s time for the Dodger’s and whom ever else he ends up with, to see what you get besides the god given talent that he has. I feel really sad for the old Manny days, but I’m am glad he is now gone because of the recent Manny days. Glad to have Jason Bay in his place!

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