Runs, Runs, Phelps & Gymnastics

My thumb is still sore from working my TV remote overtime last night, and from a tennis game with my son.

After watching the Red Sox score 10 runs in last night’s 1st inning, I decided that it was time to do something else because the suspense of the outcome of last night’s game was gone, (or at least I thought so), and so I would record the Olympics to later watch the Women’s gymnastics. So, my youngest son and I headed to the local tennis court-rain? We weren’t going to let wet courts stop us from playing a couple of sets under the lights. Upon finishing, we turned the radio on in the car-OUCH!

How does a team/pitcher (guess that’s why Charlie Zink has been a career minor leaguer) blow a 10-0 and then 12-2 lead? Really! So we’re listening to Joe Castiglione tell us that the Red Sox lead is now down to just 2, and slipping away quickly. By the time we made our 7 minute trip home from the tennis courts the 14-12 Red Sox lead was a 15-14 deficit.

We decided to watch the Red Sox while holding off on watching the women’s gymnastics until later. Texas now led 16-14, but with their terrible pitching and the game being at Fenway I said “The Red Sox are still going to win this game”. This is when it was time to warm up my thumb for remote overload.

I had to watch Michael Phelps go for his 4th goal medal so I was going back and forth between the Olympics and the Red Sox. Thank goodness for DVR’s and PIP, I didn’t miss a thing as I always had both events on the screen at one time (with the Red Sox also being recorded for my oldest son who was playing basketball with old HS buddies until Midnight).

Jonathon Pappelbon (AND Kevin Youkilis-is the replay of his reaction after his Game winning HR hilarious?) finished off the Rangers just after 11:00. 15 minutes later Phelps cruised to his 5th gold medal.

Now it was time to rewind to the women’s gymnastics-which was painful, made more painful afterwards as Winchester’s poor Alicia Sacramone had to answer question after question in interview after interview about what happened…Don’t we KNOW what happened and have a pretty good idea of how terribly she felt after 2 costly miscues. She handled it with grace and I think in the long run she will become even more beloved. They did win a silver medal which is what the experts had predicted.

The viewing stopped last night/this morning at about 1:15 AM, a night of viewing that 2 of my sons and I will never forget.


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