Daisuke good, but maddening

Can someone please tell Daisuke that when his team is up 9 runs that it is alright, no make that preferable(if not mandatory) to throw strikes. He is a very impressive 14 and 2, but often times it is a maddening 14 and 2.

In this game against the woeful Texas Rangers (really, can someone, anyone explain to me how in the world this team has won half, that’s 61, of it’s games), Daisuke’s teammates gave him 9 runs to work with in the 2nd inning. After that Matsuzaka walked 2 more on top of the 3 he walked in the 1st 2 innings. Throw strikes already. This trend has got to stop- it cannot last if Daisuke hopes to continue his winning ways because it is going to catch up to him against good teams. Texas is not a good team.

Texas looks like the worst team in the league. Toronto’s record is just one game better than the Rangers but the Blue Jays pitching is 10 times better. Let’s see how the Red Sox hitters, who feasted on the raners pitching scoring 37 runs in 3 games, fare against Halladay,


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