Byrd is the word

It’s only one game in a Red Sox Uniform, (but 331 total in the majors), but count me as a Byrd-man.

Now, in full disclosure, I must admit that I went to Thursday night’s game where Daisuke pitched, in a game that while completed in under 3 hours seemed like it lasted forever because of the way Daisuke pitches. The guy takes forever and throws a million balls -as in non strikes. It is exasperating. (In another point of full disclosure, Patience is not one of my virtues).

Now back to Paul Byrd. The guy throws strikes, and he manages to do it pretty quickly. Refreshing, very refreshing. I know he lost the game (4-1) but he did pitch well enough to win if Byrd could have gotten a little support-tough to muster up against Toronto’s Ray Halladay. The bad news is that Byrd must face Halladay again next week in Toronto, for the 3rd straight time.

The bottom line here- The acquisiton of Paul Byrd has guaranteed the Red Sox a spot in this years playoffs. where anything can happen.


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