Most memorable Olympic Moment

Michael Phelps 8 gold medals was nice and everything, but Tuesday night women’s track and field competition left me with 2 images I will never forget.
1st there was 23 year old Sanya Richards shaking her head moving her hands thru her hair still shaking her head in utter disbelief. She had just finished the 400 Meter race, the race that she was favored to win gold, and a race that she was leading with about 30 meters to a goal medal when she cramped up and watched 2 of her competitors go by her.

To see Sanya and her reaction after the race was heartbreaking. She came so close when her body failed her. At 23 she may be back in 2012, but that is 4 years, 4 long years away from a chance to win a gold medal in what was her race.

Thinking it couldn’t get any worse, any more painful -it did.

Lolo Jones, 26, had overcome a lifetime of poverty which saw her Mother move her family continually in search of a better job, and Lolo lived with 3 different families during high school. Jones had focused on running track, specifiaccly the 100 meter hurdles where she was the favorite in these Olympics. A lifetime of work culminating in one event, one 13 second span where it all went bad. She was leading, having cleared 8 straight hurdles when her legs started to get a little heavy and she hit the 9th hurdle and her dream of a gold medal vanished, just like that.

The images of a despondent Lolo Jones sitting on her legs on the track with her head in her hands is an image I will never forget. And then afterwards the shot of her underneath the stadium by herself, still crying in disbelief. You couldn’t help but to feel part of her anguish.

Winchester’s Alicia Sacramone’s loss in the women’s gymnastics was painful. She now has company. As exhilirating as winning an athletic event can be- losing can be even more painful and was for these 3 wonderful competitors.



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