Yankees dying quickly

While Yankee stadium will close it’s doors in less than a month, the door of hope for the Yankees themselves is closing quickly. And the only thing more satisfying than seeing the Red Sox virtually eliminate the Yanks , which the Red Sox could do with 2 more wins the next 2 nights, is to hear (and see) Alex Rodriguez get booed by his home town crowd which happened multiple times in tonight’s 7-3 Red Sox win.

So where do I start? Ok, I must admit I can’t resist starting with A-Rod. How much does he make again? 27 mill/year? A-Rod tonight not only hit into 2 double plays squelching 2 big Yankee rallys but struck out to end the game. Oh Yah, he also committed an error while misplaying another grounder. Boos followed every one of those plays. The Yankees, led by their highest paid player, and their fans all appear to be ready to close up shop. Red Sox fans everywhere smile.

Tim Wakefield, in his 1st outing since coming off the disabled list, outpitched Andy Pettite, who gave up 10 hits and 6 runs in less than 5 innings. The Red Sox won tonight’s game with JD Drew sent to the Disabled List joining Mike Lowell, while triple A call up Jeff Bailey played 1st base with Sean Casey still suffering from a stiff neck.

Atlanta Braves Mark Kotsay could be on his way as another reinforcement for the Red Sox outfield. The Sox now trail Tampa by 3 1/2 games while the Yanks are 9 1/2 out with just 31 games left. 2 more Red Sox wins and you can put the Yankees to bed until 2009.


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