Good Night Heartless Yankees

You can put a fork into them- The Yankees are all done. They must now play a month worth of meaningless games, that’s right meaningless!

What about A-Rod? He probably feels pretty good after tonight’s Red Sox-Yankee game. He had 2 hits (both doubles) and so he didn’t get booed. His team was slaughtered and for all practical purposes put to sleep for the rest of the season but hey, don’t blame A-Rod for this one- he did just about all he could, right? That is exactly how it’s going at Yankee stadium these days (Can you imagine A-Rod in a Red Sox uniform and pulling that kind of crap, he’d have been gone faster that you can say Manny Ramirez)

Tho they didn’t boo A-rod (they still should have just on general principle) the Yankee Boo Birds were out in force. They booed poor relief pitcher Jose Veras who registered just one out while being responsible for 5 of the 7 runs the Sox scored in that nail in the coffin 8th inning.

The real heartless performance of the night tho was turned in by Bobby Abreu. Again, How much does he make- 17 million/year? what a crime.

When the outcome of this game was still in doubt, Abreu put forth a real heartless effort not befitting the history of the uniform he wears but probably indicative of this present yankee team. 4-2 game when Jason Bay hits one to deep right, a catchable ball that Abreu pulled up short on, turning Bay’s drive into an rbi triple and opening the floodgates to a 7 run 8th inning. $17 million for that?

It’s all over Yankees.


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