Yankees upgraded to Critical

If you spend enough money on players, like the Yankees have done with over 200 million for their roster, the averages say that you are going to get some kind of return on your money and today they finally did-not from their highest paid player but from their 2nd highest-23 1/2 million dollar man Jason Giambi who knocked in all 3 Yankee runs including the game winner in the bottom of the 9th.

I probably should be focusing on the impressive performance of John Lester and the unimpressive performance of Hideki Okajima, but I simply can not resist writing, again, about Alex Rodriguez. 28 million dollars a year for one of the worst clutch hitters of our time, certainly clutch hit per dollar.

A-Rod was at his worst again today. In a game that the Yankees simply had to win, the 28 million dollar a year man struck out 3 times but that wasn’t the worst of it. A-Rod came to the plate with his team trailing 2-0, runners on 1st & 3rd and one out. He swung at the 1st pitch popping out earning A-Rod a classic Bronx cheer as the Boo Birds let it all out.

So the Yankees stay alive, barely-I’d call it life support. There is a quick death like the Yankees would have experienced with a loss today. Then there is the much more painfully excruciating death that the Yankees may not experience. They are still alive but it’s now going to be a slower death/elimination for our good rivals to the south.



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