Brady Injury serious

A noted sports Orthopedist told me that he thinks that this is the worst case scenario for Tom Brady and the Patriots and their fans.

Knowing that Brady screamed immediately after his injury points to the historically more painful torn MCL (Medial collateral ligament). That would be good news by itself because an athlete can come back from that torn MCL in 4 to 6 weeks with no surgery needed. Unfortunately Brady’s injury has every sign that is also a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)-which takes 1 year from which to recover.

The angle at which Brady was hit is a classic ACL injury. Add to that the on the field check-up by the Patriots medical staff. Their testing as to the stability of Brady’s knee was quick and it appeared as if the Pats medical staff knew right away the extent of Brady’s injury which is not good. The gingerness (and pain) that Brady was walking off the field was yet another tell tale sign.

Tom Brady has an MRI scheduled for this morning which will confirm what the Patriots already know-that Brady is lost for a significant period of time. Bill Belichick postponed his 11:45 news conference this morning until 3pm so that he will have all of the test results from the MRI. Will he finally break from his long history and actually reveal a real injury sustained by one of his players? If he doesn’t he will look even more foolish.

26 year old Matt Cassel- get ready to start your 1st game since you were a senior at Chatsworth High School (Calif). Cassel never started a game in College at USC where he played behind Hiesman Trophy winners Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart.



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  1. I do agree with you the way the joint turned would show
    an anterior type of injury.I myself years ago had similar
    flexation of my right knee that caused my ACL to tear,the
    rpocess back is long and hard,it took me well over 2 years before I can truly say I was back to normal,even now some 8 years later I do feel some occasional discomfort when trying to do certain physical activities>I would also like to make an additional comment on the simple fact that feel that was a rather low and unecessary tackle made by the KC defender,I am sorry to see such poor sportmanship and I do feel that some form of punishment ,Fine,suspension Etc
    should be handed down by the league for such a cheap shot.

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