Doc signs, Pap falters, Pats need a QB

Doc Rivers got his just reward today signing a 2 year extension worth $5.5 – 7 million/yr depending on how far the team goes in the playoffs…. Would he get this extension if the team didn’t acquire KG and Ray Allen. Shouldn’t Danny get a percentage? Good for Doc- good guy who gets it unlike some other coaches in this town.

Terry Francona was 1 for 2 in his decisions in game 2 of the Tampa series and that wasn’t good enough for a win. Francona sat David Ortiz against lefty Scott Kazmir, who Ortiz doesn’t hit well. Ortiz needed a little rest since he is hitting a meager .271 (17th on the team). He did come in and pinch hit after Kazmir was lifted. Ortiz flew out and walked in 2 at bats.
Ortiz was hitting in the 9th because of Francona’s bad decision-putting Papelbon into the game. Blasphemy? No, Papelbon had pitched the previous 2 games and didn’t have his normal control giving up 2 runs and the win. Let Masterson pitch.

And finally, what is Belichick waiting for to bring back Matt Gutierrez? It’s not money, he’ll sign for the minumum. You can’t go into a game with just 2 QB’s-what if Cassell gets hurt which is certainly possible- who backs up Kevin O’Connell-Wes Welker? Randy Moss? Kevin Faulk?


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