Brady visits Foxboro, Cassel Quiet

     Tom Brady was at Foxboro today but not to play football. He was there visiting teammates. The information we 1st gave you Sunday night (and in a blog which you can see below) about him having a torn ACL AND a torn MCL was reported today by the globe. The Globe also reported that he will have surgery next month. 

     And if you’re wondering what Matt Cassel has to say today about now being the Patriots 1st string quarterback, wonder 24 more hours. Belichick protected him from the media one more day. Hey Bill, Matt is a big boy and if you expect him to be able to face the pressure of the Jets and the other 12 teams he will face this season, you might as well throw him to the media. While there are more media members than Jets who will be chasing Cassel, we are a little slower and not nearly as imtimidating (no matter what the coach thinks or says), tho some of us are not that much smaller).

     As I finished last night’s blog with the question “What is taking the Patriots so long to re-sign Matt Gutierrez?”, that question today was answered, well sort of.

      The Patriots today re-signed Matt Gutierrez to the practice squad, which means that they don’t have to pay him a full salary and any team which would like to sign Gutierrez to a real “53 man full squad contract”, can still pluck Gutierrez off of the Pats practice squad and do so. Surprisingly, Belichick offered no explanation why the signing took so long.


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