Things you didn’t know about Matt Cassel’s 1st win

-1st people I ran into when checking into hotel(which was Patriots Team hotal) Sunday at 1pm was a few families from Wisconsin-fans of Brett Favre who came all the way to New jersey just to see him play. Fans not family.

-It was VERY hot on the field-90 degrees with a heat index of 96 degrees, and add at least another 5-10 degrees for the turf factor. Patriots practiced less time pre-game to stay cool. Curiously the Pats bench and not the Jets bench was in the shade.

-The Jets stink. 8-8 at best. But this week’s Patriots opponent-The Dolphins, are even worse

-Cassel, as you may be able to tell, is a nice kid with a pleasant personality. I hope he doesn’t lose it the closer he works with Bill Belichick

-The key to the success of the Patriots defense are their outside linebackers-Mike Vrabel and Adalius Thomas-arguable their 2 biggest playmakers on defense.

-Breet Favre should have stayed retired. He’s not terrible, but is just a shadow of his MVP years. Tho, their are so many mediocre quarterbacks in the NFL-he fits right in. He does not have the same zip on the ball that made him great. You can already count Game 2 vs the Jets on Channel 5 THursday Nov 15th as another win, a much bigger win. 

-Running back Lamont Jordan is short. He is listed at 5-10, no way. I have interviewed him before, and maybe it was the heat, but after Sundays game it looked like he has shrunk

-Randy Moss had the post game quote of the day. Can’t tell you-you have to watch it on our sports.



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