No good news on Sox injury front

You can forget about Julio Lugo for the rest of this season-regular and post. Not that that is necessarily bad news considering how he was playing before he was injured and how Jed Lowrie is playing in his place.

JD Drew had his 2nd epidural today. The Red Sox hope that that will relax the spasm he has been suffering in his back. That may be wishful thnking considering the numbing and relaxing affect of the 1st epideral didn’t last long.

Mike Lowell will be out for a couple more days- I know the Red Sox want to get him into a game,maybe even DH toward the end of the week but Terry Francona said today that they will not trot him out there just to get a look at him if they are still fighting for the division (which they probably won’t be in a few more days). I think he will get into a game or 2 this weekend against the Yankees but his availability for the playoffs is iffy. I think he’ll answer the bell because he is a gamer, but he will not be close to 100% for the rest of this year, until he has off-season surgery. THAT is a bad break for the Red Sox.

And the Red Sox and their fans will have to wait at least one more day to clinch a playoff spot after losing tonight 4-3.



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