Lowell’s health not good

Mike Lowell’s return to the Red Sox line-up tonight was not encouraging at all in fact it ended up being very discouraging as he had one at bat and didn’t even make it halfway down to 1st before heading to the dugout. Lowell hit a fly ball to left field and struggled as he ran out of the batters box. This is NOT good for Red Sox fans.

At this stage I would be surprised if Lowell is even active for the 1st playoff series against the Angels, who tonight clinched the League’s best record (with Tampa’s loss). The Red Sox would love to be able to just take a chance that Lowell will get better as the series progresses, but they can not take a chance to have one less player on their roster.

The 2nd biggest decision the Red Sox have to make after whether to put Lowell on the playoff roster is who will play 1st base now that Youkilis looks like he will be moving from 1st to 3rd. Sean Casey did not look good at 1st base the other night opening the door for Mark Kotsay. Kotsay has not played alot of 1st base, but appears to be a pretty good athlete.

AS far as tonight’s game against the yankees- it’s 13-4 NY in the top of the 5th as the game has resumed. One more inning will make this game official and the loss will officially give Tampa the AL East crown- bring on the Angels.


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