Now this is something that you will not see or hear on TV (tho we recorded every second of it).

When Jonathon Papelbon was asked after tonight’s game 1 win how it is that this team continues to win with all of the injuries that have beset them, Papelbon gave an answer that only Jonathon Papelbon could give, saying “We are 25 stubborn MOFO’s”. He went on to explain the stuborness in a prideful way, and who can argue with him (then again, who WOULD argue with him?)

When told what Papelbon said, Dustin Pedroia said “Why do you guys talk to that guy?” more or less answering his very own question. I mean who else is going to give us that unguarded answer.

There was a lot to be proud of in that locker room. Jacoby Ellsbury reaching base 5 times and getting into scoring position all 5 times. Jason Bay coming thru with the hit of the night and John Lester pitching like an ace. He has been the teams best pitcher all year long and he’s only 24.

All of a sudden the favored Angels are facing an uphill battle having to win 3 of the next 4 games to win the series. That’s 10 straight playoff losses to the Red Sox.

More on NewsCenter 5 tomorrow.


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