Reasons to believe (or not) in Red Sox

Let’s start with 5 Reasons to believe.
!) In the playoffs, John Lester has a road ERA of 0.00
2) JD Drew has a career batting average of 3.13 vs John Lackey
3) Mike Lowell had a .333 average against the Angels in last years playoffs
4) Angels can’t beat Red Sox in playoffs losing 9 straight over 22 years
5) David Ortiz kills the Angels in the playoffs hitting .545 in ’04 and .718 in ’07.

5 Reasons for Angels fans to think they have a chance
1) John Lester has been a mediocre 5-5 this year on the road
2) JD Drew hit a paltry .182 in last years ALDS vs the Angels
3) Mike Lowell has a career batting average of just .158 vs Lackey
4) Lackey owned the Red Sox this year(2-0) coming within 2 outs of no-hitting them
5) Tory Hunter, Garrett Anderson and Vlad Guerrero own John Lester with career batting averages of .667, .429, .400

Come to your own conclusion, 1st pitch is just 15 minutes away.


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