Red Sox Starters for Game #2

2 changes from Wednesday Night’s game 1 line-up, neither of which should come as any big surprise.
Mark Kotsay and Alex Cora in for Lowell and Lowrie.


The additions of Kotsay and Cora make perfect sense for not only the reason of giving Mike Lowell a little rest but for Kotsay’s career numbers against tonight’s starting pitchers for the Angels.
Kotsay, in 18 at bats(with 7 hits) is a career .389 hitter against Santana while Cora, with a much smaller sampling of just 3 at bats, is a career .667 hitter against Santana.

On the other side of the coin Lowrie has never faced Santana, while Lowell is a very healthy .400 (2-5) lifetime against the young Angels righthander, so he could pinch hit later in the game if the opportunity arises.

I like the changes. Now let’s see if Daisuke can get into the 7th inning. Realistically, I think that’s about the most optimistic you can hope for.

More coming up before tonight’s game


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