Are all the Playoffs like this?

That is pretty close to what I asked Jason Bay when he first turned around from his locker after tonight’s (tho it is so late right now-it was last night’s) game 2 win.

Actually what I asked is,”So, how do you like the playoffs so far?”. Since Bay had never played in a playoff game before this year He must think that all of the games are like this. Truth is that this was a very good playoff game. (Having watched Red Sox playoff games in person over the past 24 years I certainly can not say that this was one of the best games)

How is Theo Epstein feeling these days after making the trade that brought Bay here for Manny?

And how is JD Drew feeling these days after sitting out a month and half? You get the feeling that this guy can fall out of bed in the morning and hit a home run. He is a professional hitter.

David Ortiz has done little so far (tho his double in the 9th was pretty big even tho Coco did get picked off 2nd-Drew’s HR still would have won it) and the Red Sox are still up 2 games to none.

Jonathon Papelbon wasn’t nearly as fiesty (in a good way) tonight as he was after game 1 but then again he was probably a little more tired after pitching 2 innings to get the win in this game. After a rocky finish in the regular season, he has still not given up a run in the post season in 17.2 innings.

This really was a great game and it is just too bad New Englanders had to stay up so late to enjoy it, but worth every missed moment of sleep. That’s what distinguishes Red Sox fans from every other teams. And their were plenty of Red Sox fans here in Anaheim tonight chanting “Let’s go Red Sox” throughout this entire game.


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