Initial thoughts from San Francisco

1st off, a correction to previous blog- Upon driving to this stadium I was thinking my gosh they haven’t even changed the signage here to Park from Candlestick. Well guess what, pulled out and it is back to Candlestick Park again (wonder if they kept the old Candlestick signage and put those back up again)
…by the way, I love this old stadium-not alot of frills, seats jammed in here and there -same old candlestick from the John Brodie days.
…press box has windows on all sides and up above, should end day with a nice tan, tho I may have to find some sun block-it is beautiful here today 75 degrees and sunny.

A lot of players are out on field and warming up in shorts and T-shirts. Biggest difference in 2 teams-HAIR, more specifically length of hair. 49ers generally have short hair while so many Patriots have dreadlocks.

Tom Brady must really be hurting today. His team makes their 1st appearance here in his home area since he has been on the Patriots and he can’t show off his talents. The Pats next scheduled appearance here is in 7 years when Brady will be 38.


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