California Dreamin’

Today the Patriots made it 3 and 0 for teams from New England here in California this week following up the Red Sox 2 playoff wins over the Angels with a 30-21 win over the 49ers. Though the Pats win was a lot less impressive, they will now enjoy an all expenses paid week long stay here in California

The Pats allowed mediocre QB JT O’Sullivan to throw 3 TD passes, but did stop the 49ers when they had to tho, again, the 49ers offense is also very mediocre. A much better QB in Philip Rivers and offense await the Pats next week in San Diego. And a much more motivated team in the Chargers who have lost 3 big games (well, 2 of them were big-being playoff games) to the Patriots.

The Patriots offense was saved by the diminutive Kevin Faulk who stepped up the largest with 2 rushing TD’s to lead the Pats to 30 points. Matt Cassel did finally connect with randy Moss on a long(66 yards) Td pass, but threw 2 interceptions on 2 other long attempts to Moss. Is that a good exchange? I don’t think Bill Belichick would say so.

The jury is still out as to how good this team is without Tom Brady, who was supposed to have a homecoming of sorts with this game in San Fancisco, which is about 30 minutes from his home town of San Mateo. Good, but certainly not great. But how good? Good enough to make the playoffs? probably, tho maybe not right now. Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Denver, Indy?, San Diego?-making this weeks game a pretty big one.


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