Daisuke Game #1 starter

Terry Francona, saying it was an easy logical decision, has just announced that the Red Sox will go with Daisuke Matsuzaka in game 1 followed by Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Tim Wakefield in game 4. That means that Daisuke is also scheduled to go game 5, Beckett game 6 and Lester game 7

Francona did say that he reserves the right to change his mind later on in the rotation (like for Game 4). If the Red Sox fell behind 3 games to none, Wakefield would probably be bumped for game 4.

Francona was asked to explain his decision a number of times in todays press conference. He kept on referring to common sense as the pitchers will resume pitching in the order that they pitched in the 1st series vs the Angels.

Daisuke will pitch on 2 extra days rest rather than the normal 4 days rest. Beckett gets one extra day rest. Lester will be pitching with 6 days rest, which he could probably use having pitched twice for a total of 14 innings in the Angels series.

This is how the 4 starters have fared this year and career against Tampa
2008, Career
Matsuzaka 1-0 3.00, 2-3 3.75
Beckett 2-1 2.06, 5-3 3.11
Lester 3-0 0.90, 4-0 3.38
Wakefield 0-2 5.87, 19-5 3.32



2 Responses

  1. OK, everything he listed is great until you get to MR.”ALL or NOTHING at all” Wakefield, that ruins the outlook and tells me he should do a carbon copy of the LAA of A rotation. You can be sure that Tampa Bay is not going to take chances.If they do Joe Maddon has lucked out with every marginal call he has made all year, plus Wake has a post-season ERA of 6.42 career.If need be, I would rather risk game 4 using Paul Byrd.In the meantime, where are all the young lions the Sox have down in the minors?They need to find a couple because to re-sign Schill on a maybe after wasting 8 million this year would be stupid, and Wake has to go also.Wakefiel goes, so dooes the expense of his special catcher, so right there 12-13 million is saved to kick up the salaries of contributors like Dusti and Pap and Jacoby Ellsbury …don’t forget John Lester…I am sure Tito will make it work and pleasse let us get to the Dodgers so we can beat that traitorous piece of Manny right in Chavez Ravine
    or “Mannywood” as some idiotas call it.Hopefully it will be a fielding error by Manny that allows Jason Bay to score the winning run in game 6.

  2. I have to say that I am a little wary of Wakefield starting game 4. With the addition of Byrd, who I think the Sox acquired thinking that the post season was a probability, I would have thought for sure that Francona would plug him in as #4. As an afterthought, I saw Wakefield being the ‘long guy’ out of the bullpen. When the post season rosters were announced, and with the subsequent omission of Timlin, it would have been safe to assume that Wake was the guy to move.

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