Beckett ????

It is now painfully obvious that Josh Beckett is not close to 100%. But is he good enough to win a game, or do you move Paul Byrd into Beckett’s scheduled game 6 slot?

With Beckett’s inability to hold lead after lead in last night’s marathon 2 loss to the Rays, the Red Sox missed out on a golden opportunity to put the Rays in serious trouble.

-On a more positive note- I know that Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis are legitmate MVP candidates, but who would have thought that these 2 over acheivers are unquestionably 2 of THE best players in the American League. How good are they? The Red Sox are just 3 wins away from the World Series with David Ortiz doing little to nothing. Who would have thought?

-Mike Timlin? C’mon- Paul Byrd, Tim Wakefield, anybody but Timlin in a game that is on the line.

-Speed Kills. I thought at the beginning of this series that Tampa’s speed would be a big advantage- so far the Red Sox (and Jason Varitek) have surprised me by controling that. I don’t think that Tampa has been as aggresive as they should be in that aspect of their game. We’ll see how that shakes out.

-If this is Sunday, it’s time to focus on the Patriots and that’s why I am in San Diego. More on the Pats-Chargers coming up.


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