Red Sox Band Aid peeling off

1st off, give Theo Epstein credit for astutely putting band aids on his Red Sox team throughout this year. But, even the best band aids last only so long before peeling off and that is what is beginning to happen to Epstein’s team.

The list of this years Red Sox band aids begins with trying to heal the wound that Curt Schilings injured shoulder inflicted on the team. Theo brought in Bartolo Colon and later Paul Byrd, just to name 2. There was Mike Lowell’s injury which brought Mark Kotsay. Yet another good band aid, but you just can’t completely patch up a missing world series mvp and team leader.

Theo did a good job salvaging something out of the Manny Ramirez fiasco by acquiring Jason Bay and as good as Bay has been, Nobody hits like Manny. Add to that the injured wrist of David Ortiz-there is simply no band aid to heal that ill.

Don’t forget the ailing Josh Beckett and when you compare this years team with last years, it’s amazing that they have made it as far as they have.

I’m not saying that the Red Sox season is over but I’m not sure that there are any more band aids left in Theo Epsteins medicine cabinet, certainly not big and powerful enough to cover up the still unhealed weaknesses the team is suffering from.


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