Ortiz throws his pitchers under the bus

After game 4, David Ortiz stood by his locker in front of about 50 media people and for the 1st time in his career threw his pitching staff under the bus. It was his second comment and unprovoked he said “Everyone is talking about David Ortiz is not hitting, but it doesn’t matter because our pitching staff isn”t getting enough people out”.”It was batting practice out there”.

1st off Ortiz is right -everyone has been talking about him not hitting, 0-12 in the series before tonight hitting a triple which would have been an inside the park for most other players but because Oritz jogged to 2nd before running hard he just reached 3rd.

2ndly, Ortiz is right- Red Sox pitching has been terrible, besides Daisuke’s game 1 performance. Since then it has looked like batting practice by the Rays.

BUT, most people say that you aren’t supposed to say what Ortiz said. That is what makes Ortiz so great-he’s not afraid to call it as he sees it, which is right on!


One Response

  1. After reading that article how can it even be said that Ortiz is so great because he says it how he sees it? Baseball is a team sport agreed or not those pitchers are looking at him in a different manner now. All of a sudden there is a little bit of hostility in the locker room which could tense the club up. The last thing they need to be is tense. Look at their opponent the Rays one of the lowest salary cap teams in the MLB is arguably one of the best teams in baseball. Its because they play as a team and they play loose. Ortiz was not right on with these comments if he is trying to be a leader I dont know who he is trying to lead

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