The 10th man carries Red Sox

Still rubbing out the sleep in my eyes after last night’s late late night at Fenway. ..late, but of course worth it- here we go.
Yes, Ortiz had to hit the big 3 run homer to give the fans something to cheer about, finally, after nearly 24 straight dead innings at Fenway. For 2 1/2 plus games the fenway faithful had been waiting for something to cheer about, anything to get excited about and Big Papi did it and for the next hour plus-Fenway was as electric as it has ever been.

Alot of that elecricity had to do with built up energy waiting to explode, and I firmly believe that electricity helped energize the Red Sox to regain their mojo for the biggest comeback in playoff history in 80 years.

So how was the Red Sox locker room after the game? Besides crowded? It was alot more sedate that you would think. JD Drew never gets too excited about anything and was very analytical about the game. David Ortiz the same. They both know that there is still alot of work ahead. Justin Masterson was alot more giddy-saying that this was definitely the greatest comeback he has ever been a part of while admitting his field of experience is quite a bit less than many of his teammates.

Wily old veteran Jason Varitek was, surprisingly, pretty excited about the win. Maybe he realizes that he doesn’t have many of these left- he had to know that there was a distinct possibility that he was playing his last ever game at Fenway. What a way to go, tho Varitek did little to contribute to the win being pinch hit for in the 8th inning.

The only way to describe what I witnessed last night (actually early this morning) is to quote Jack Buck’s infamous call of the injured Kirk Gibson’s dramatic world series Hr against Dennis Eckersley and the A’s 20 years ago- I Can’t believe what I just saw!! Just when you think you’ve seen it all-something more amazing happens, only here in New England.


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