After last night’s Patriots game I fully expected to hear the same old predictable Bill Belichick- unemotional, matter of fact, “nice win, but we have to work on eliminating penalties and sacks but it’s nice to win”.
But, believe it or not-The Coach was actually excited abut this win, showing genuine emotion, at least for him. True, NO one expected to see this kind of dominating performance, but Belichick was actually complimentary. Stop the presses.

I was certainly surprised by the Pats performance, especially defensively. Obviously Denver is not nearly as good as their record and their quarterback hurting his finger on the very first play of the game had a big impact, but give the Pats defense their due. 4 turnovers, 3 sacks?-impressive.

It’s always interesting to go into the locker room where only about 5 or 6 out of 53 players actually talk to the media (the Belichick influence). At least 4 players referred unsolicited to last weeks stinker against San Diego helping to motivate the team. Then Adalius Thomas tried to tell us that last week had nothing to do with this week -Yah, right. Embarassing yourself on national TV doesn’t motivate you at all. Whatever. Then Thomas started talking about all of bandwagon jumpers, which of course doesn’t matter (Yah, right, he doesn’t think about it at all-maybe all of us should pick the Pats opponent each week and then the Patriots would be motivated to win every game !?)-like he and his teammates gave us a choice after last weeks stinker. We’ll see what he has to say after successive weeks of the Colts, the Bills, the Jets, the Dolphins and the Steelers.

Good for the Patriots, but bad for Rodney Harrison. The soon to be 36 year old safety was carted off the field last night in what appeared to be a certain season ending knee injury. Then you have to wonder can a 36 year old come back, again, from a major injury. A sad ending for the most stand up guy in that locker room. Win or lose, he does not hide out in the training room like so many of his fellow professional athetes.



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