Pats react to losing Harrison

When asked today if the Patriots would pursue long time safety John Lynch to help take the place of Rodney Harrison, Bill Belichick responded “our Roster is all set” which is yet another Belichickian dismissive answer. Of course his 53 man roster roster is all set (they activated defensive back Antoine Spann to take Harrisons roster spot), BUT do they make roster moves every single week?-YES. Could they make a roster move this week or any of the other next 10 weeks to add Lynch?-YES.

So once, just once, Bill be honest with us and tell us that A) it is a possibility that you could bring Lynch in or B) after seeing Lynch in training camp for 2 weeks, he is just too old and slow to be able to contribute.

The man set to take Harrisons place is last years #1 draft choice-Brandon Merriweather who at 6-0 and 200 pounds is an inch smaller and 20 pounds lighter than Harrison, but a lot faster than Harrison and with his University of Miami pedigree-has the potential to play with the chippiness of Harrison.

I like Merriweather’s skill set and obviously so do the Pats having made him their #1 pick in last years draft. The Pats will miss Harrison’s leadership, but as a number of players said today in the locker room, they are not going to have a pity party-time to get this Patriot train moving, it’s not a one man team.


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