Cassel ready for prime time?

It sounds like some Patriots fans, in their euphoria over yesterdays win over the Rams, just might need to settle down a little on their assesment and expectations of their young quarterback.

While Matt Cassel yesterday had his best performance since his days at Chatsworth HS, we should consider the opposition. Remember, just 3 weeks ago-the Rams were considered the worst team in football, and despite winning their 2 previous games still had one of the 3 worst defenses in the entire NFL coming into this game.

Now, Cassel’s final drive was impressive, especially considering that the drive started with an 8 yard sack. After that Cassel regained his composure to complete 3 passes to Randy Moss and the game winner to Kevin Faulk (does this 5’8″ guy continue to amaze you in this, his 10th year) on a perfect pass.

Cassel was his usual humble self after the game-He has learned the art of the short to the point uncontroversial answer. He is a nice kid and you hope that he succeeds. His next 5 weeks are going to be interesting and a big challenge. @Indy, Buffalo, Jets, @Miami, and Pittsburgh.

Indy and Pittsburgh are going to very, very tough games to win. The  3 inbetween games will be the wild card games.  The Jets game looks to be the most winnable. The Pats always have trouble in Miami and the Bills are good, but that game is at home. This will be a very interesting and revealing run.

But in the words of the Coach-one game at a time. And he can only dream of a younger Ty Law and Asante Samuel to help defend Peyton Manning who has got to be salivating at the thought of facng the Pats injury depleted defensive backfield.



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