Celtics ready to defend?

In a word-Yes.

The Celtics certainly have the talent to win another NBA title as do about 5 other teams, but those teams do not have anyone to match Kevin Garnett. And I am not talking about his basketball talent.

I hope Celtics fans truly appreciate what they have in Kevin Garnett. There has been alot written about his intensity. None of it does it justice, so I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Everyone has to answer to Garnett. Best Example-Glen Big Baby Davis. The fun loving Big Baby has been bigger and stronger than everyone he has competed against since, well, since birth. All of a sudden in the NBA he has run into players who are as big ( tho not many as heavy) and strong which meant that for him to succeed he had to work harder- ALOT harder. Quite frankly and with all due respect to Doc Rivers and the Celtics organization, that would not happen without Kevin Garnett. Guys who have been bigger and stronger than everyone they have competed against their whole life have a tendancy to do only what it takes to be better than their competition. That has changed for Big Baby whose complancency (nice word for laziness) is simply not acceptable with Kevin Garnett as his teammate. Contributions from the very talented and surpringly atheltic Big Baby will be critical to the Celtics continued success, and credit the mere presence of Garnett and his example and expectations for his teammates for much of  that success.

Garnett simply will not stand for complacency in a league full of it (complancy that is). As a celtic fan enjoy that competitiveness, that intensity that Garnett brings to the floor every time he steps on it. As talented as Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are, I firmly believe that Garnett has made both of those all-stars even better by setting such a high standard.

It all begins, again, tonight. Enjoy it, just like you enjoyed what Larry Bird brought every night and how he made Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish answer to a higher standard, making each player better.



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