Good news for Wilfork, Hobbs

The Patriots 330 pound gentle giant Vince Wilfork is about to get some good news in that he will not be suspended for a supposed late hit in the Denver game, but he will get fined.

I went thru the entire Patriots-Denver game tape and did not see anything close to a late hit much less a supposed elbow to the head of Quarterback Jay Cutler that the Broncos alleged. That, obviously, is one reason Wilfork was not fined after Tuesday meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Wednesday Wilfork, who last year was fined 4 times for late/questionable hits, told us that the meeting was a very productive one and it opened his eyes as well as allowing him to show the Comisioner where he was coming from.

Off the field Wilfork is one of the nicest guys you’d want to meet and is very sincere and honest. I think that he wanted the Commissioner to see what he was all about.

Ellis Hobbs- in trouble with Belichick?  Hobbs again yesterday told us that his shoulder is fne and that he would play on Sunday against Indianapolis. That sharing of information goes In direct opposition to everything that Bill Belichick stands for and preaches constantly. Good for Hobbs. Is honesty such a bad thing and will it really give Indy an edge knowing that Hobbs will play. Of course Hobbs did not participate in all of practice Wednesday so that information is what Indy will really go by more than anything else.

More on the Indy match-up and my pick later in the week.



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