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Ty Warren inactive
November 30, 2008

Bad New for Patriots- Defensive tackle Ty Warren is not active for the 2nd time in the last 3 games leaving Mike Wright and Jarvis Green to fill in.

The only relatively big news on the Pittsburgh’s inactive list is that the Steelers lead running back Willie Parker is not on it and will dress and play in todays game, a game that with this weather could be decided by a solid running attack

Patriots Inactives

LB-Adalius Thomas

WR-Kelley Washington

RB-LaMont Jordan

OT-Wesley Britt

C/G-Billy Yates

TE-Tyson DeVree

DE-Ty Warren

Steelers Inactives

CB-Bryant McFadden

CB-Fernando Bryant

LB-Bruce Davis

OT-Tony Hills

OT-Marvel Smith

DE-Brett Keisel

RB-Najeh Davenport

Dennis Dixon — 3rd Quarterback



Pats-Steelers Preview
November 30, 2008

I do not like the early arrival of precipitation to help the Patriots chances of a win.

All week long we heard that the rain would not come until after the game, and then the last day or 2 we heard that it would come toward the end of the game. Have you looked outside?

If you’re afraid to-check out the radar on this very web site. The rain is here and it looks as if it’s only going to get worse/heavier. That is not good news for the Patriots offense which already has a formidable task in trying to overcome the NFL’s #1 defense. Pick your category-the Steelers defense is #1. Hope Belichick has a few tricks up his sleeve-he is going to need them.

Now, on the positive side, the rain is not going to help Pittsburgh’s somewhat suspect offense as well. Ben Rothlisburger has been known to make mistakes and the rain should help the Patriots sub-par pass defense defend Rothlisburger.

More on this game including the inactives, where the Steelers RB Willie Parker is the biggest question mark tho he did practice on thursday and friday, as kick off gets closer.


High School Football Playoff Matchups
November 28, 2008

Playoff games are Tuesday, followed by the Super Bowls on Saturday, December 6 at Gillette Stadium

Division 1

BC High vs. Everett

Brockton vs. Dartmouth

Division 1A

Dracut vs. Acton-Boxboro

Framingham vs. Marshfield

Division 2

Reading vs. Walpole

Bishop Feehan vs. Mansfield

Division 2A

Masconomet vs. Gloucester

Apponequet vs. Duxbury

Division 3

Arlington Catholic vs. Swampscott

Abington vs. Norton

Division 3A

Whittier vs. Amesbury

South Boston vs. Martha’s Vineyard

Division 4

O’Bryant vs. Manchester-Essex

Tri-County vs. Pope John

Celtics-Warriors: Rondo Making His Case
November 27, 2008

(9:35 to play) Bust A Move on the loudspeakers, cue Dancing Kid! The Celtics need him, as Golden State won’t go away, holding off a furious Celtics rally to hold on to a 93-92 lead. Allow me to channel my inner Marv Albert… “A chant… of DEFENSE from the crowd!” Big and 1 for Big Baby… the foul shot gives Boston a 2-point lead with 8:40 to go.

Furious exchanges as we go back and forth in the fourth. Stephen Jackson nailed a 3 in front of the Celtics bench, and let Scal know about it in a funny moment. Jamal Crawford added another one. But Ray Allen came back with one of his own, and Tony Allen added a 3-point play off a KG miss. Garnett added a 3-point play of his own and its a four-point lead, 106-102 in favor of the Celtics, with 5:21 to go.

Rajon Rondo with a big putback of a Pierce miss with 4:37 to play… He has 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 assists. OK, maybe he is an All-Star (if he would do this every night). KG has 17 and 11 boards, 22 for Allen, 21 for Pierce… very balanced night. 108-104 Celtics.

Interesting lineup Doc is using at crunch time, basically the starters with Tony Allen in place of Kendrick Perkins. Makes sense given the fact that KG is bigger than the entire Golden State roster. This quicker lineup is getting to more rebounds and loose balls than the Warriors. Ray Allen might have just clinched this one for the Celtics, nailing a 3-pointer to make it 113-104 with 3:10 to play.

The Celtics are putting this one away, up 9 with a minute to play. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the first time in a long long time they’ve given up 30 points to two different players in the same game (Jackson and Maggette both have 30). Not their best defensive effort, but good enough to get the job done. I’m sure after they stuff themselves with turkey – Doc will put them through a few tough practices. Great scoring balance amongst the Celtics… and that’s all folks! 119-111 is your final…

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire SportsCenter 5 team to you and yours – we’ll see you tomorrow night for High 5 Thanksgiving Heroes at 7:30 and 11:25!

Celtics-Warriors: Never Doubt The Power Of Dancing Kid
November 27, 2008

Back out for the second half – and Rony Turiaf is in for the Warriors, replacing Brandon Wright in the starting five. The Celtics bench guys are the ones standing now, as they try to creep back from what is currently a 12 point deficit.

(7:42 left in the 3rd) Well, at least Ray Allen came to play. He’s doing his best to match Stephen Jackson (currently 22-17 in favor of GS), including a rare dunk finish on a fast break. Going to take more than that though, Golden State still leads by 10. Maybe Dancing Kid can get the team (and the fans) back into it. He’s drawing quite a cheer right now busting a move to “American Boy.”

(5:40 left in the 3rd) Dancing Kid always works! The defense returned, and Rondo and Allen each finished on the break to make it a 6-point game. Kendrick Perkins is now the only Celtics starter not in double figures, and he has 9 (KG 12, Rondo 10, Allen 19, Pierce 11).

(5:09 left in the third) Scary moment as Rondo flew to the hoop for a layup. He took out Rony Turiaf in midair going to the hoop (no call), and Turiaf crushed teammate Stephen Jackson on the way down. Jackson appears to be OK, but Turiaf has come out. Warriors lead 76-72.

(3:38 to play in the third) Rondo is stepping up, driving home a slam on the fast break, and taking a charge on the other end. Is he worthy of the All-Star push he’s getting on CelticVision tonight? 77-74 and the Celtics have the ball – big slam on the rebound by KG! 77-76 GS.

(1:23 left in the third) Turiaf is back in the game, wrist bandaged. Golden State is clinging to a 1-point lead as Tony Allen replaces Ray Allen. Back with more in the 4th!

Celtics-Warriors: We’ve Got A Game Here
November 27, 2008

(2:10 left in the 1st) Man, somebody needs to get Rajon Rondo new shoes. Seriously, he loses one it seems like every game! Larry Izzo and Tom Brady’s consigliere Will McDonough are sitting courtside near the Celtics bench. Otherwise, no notable celebrities to report, so far. The subs are starting to come in as the first winds down.

(9:57 left in the half) Celtics are up 39-30 as I notice how Golden State has so many of the “same” player. Maggette, Jackson, Randolph, Kurz, Azubuike, Crawford… a lot of shooters and only two real big men, Andris Biedrins (who’s not that tough) and Rony Turiaf (who is just an energy guy). And add shoot-first point guard Monta Ellis to this group when he’s healthy, and I really don’t know what they are thinking here. Sure, there will be a lot of 3-point shots, but who’s playing defense?

(7:29 left in the half) The Warriors are making a game of it, using some outside shooting and Andris Biedrins down low to come within 2. Interesting to note that the entire Warriors bench has been standing and cheering this entire quarter… not unlike the Celtics of last season. And they are really getting into it now that a Maggette jumper has tied the game at 43. Time out Celtics with 6:13 left.

(2:07 left in the half) Forget making a game of it, the Warriors have taken over. They’ve evened out the points in the paint stat (24-24), and taken over on fast break points. Most of that has come from Corey Maggette (17) and Stephen Jackson (18). The once hot crowd has gotten a bit restless. So has Doc, getting T’d up at what I perceive is a lack of calls for the Celtics. As one fan just remarked, “they haven’t called anything on our end in 8 minutes!” 67-54 Golden State at halftime.

Celtics-Warriors: Early Shootout
November 27, 2008

Stephen Jackson and Ray Allen are having themselves quite a battle midway through the 1st.

Jackson nailed a three… next time, Jackson missed and complained to the ref that he was fouled. Meanwhile, Ray Allen sprinted back down the floor and nailed a jumper. Next time down, Ray beat Jackson for a 3. Then Jackson came back with a 3 of his own, and on the next Warriors possession, Ray got drilled by a pick from Jamal Crawford, leaving Jackson open for another 3.

We also have some chippiness… Garnett had words for Anthony Randolph after Randolph fouled KG during a dunk attempt.

The crowd is also perky tonight, hurling a lot of insults at Jackson, especially. You may recall his role in the 2005 brawl between the Pacers and Pistons. He’s since turned into a pretty good player, but that melee continues to dog him.

Celtics-Warriors: New Accessory
November 27, 2008

Paul Pierce is wearing a Ray Allen-like sleeve on his right elbow, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing down the Truth early in this game. He’s already driven in for two nice layups against the new look Warriors.

Their lineup features Jamal Crawford, who was here just last week as a member of the New York Knicks. Crawford was traded west for forward Al Harrington as part of the Knicks salary cutting.

Remembering Helen Heinsohn
November 27, 2008

Welcome to the Garden where we are awaiting the start of tonight’s holiday tilt between the Golden State Warriors and your Boston Celtics.

Tonight’s festivities will get off to a somber beginning, as the team pays tribute to Helen Heinsohn, wife of Tommy, and best known to fans as the “Redhead From Needham.”

Helen died Monday after a long battle with lung and brain cancer. I was fortunate to get to share a meal or two with the Heinsohns before several playoff games last season, and let me tell you, it was quite a treat. As Tommy and Mike Lynch swapped stories about bad referees from the 70’s, Helen cracked one joke after another about how nobody should be remembering that stuff, and my god boys, don’t we have better things to talk about?

I suppose you had to be there. But to this 30-year old Boston “newbie,” I was amazed at how ingrained both of them are into the Celtics family. It doesn’t matter who owned the team, who coached the team, or who played for the team… the Heinsohns were a constant – a living breathing connection to the Celtics tradition.

The Celtics paid tribute to Helen with a moment of silence before the singing of the National Anthem. Tommy and his sons are here, but he won’t be broadcasting for the rest of the week. I’m sure he’ll be back soon, bringing his unique stylings to Celtics broadcasts, but as we head into the holiday weekend, we’ll be thinking of our favorite neighbors right around the corner in Needham.


Expecting Worst for Matt Light
November 24, 2008

Watching Matt Light and Miami linebacker Channing Crowder head to the locker room after both of them were ejected from the game for fighting caused alot of curiousity. After the ejections were announced during the 4th quarter of Sundays game, both players headed toward the locker room, at exactly the same time. Both were walking and were exactly opposite of each other on their teams sideline. Their is just one exit to the field and it is directly behind the goal post making it an equal distance/walk for each player. They looked to be on another collision course as each player looked like he would get to the exit at the exact same time….

Until Light’s escort finally realized it as they were about to make the turn from the sideline to the end line and he slowed Light’s pace down, in fact even stopping for a minite or 2. He didn’t want to end up in the middle of some more fisticuffs.

Actually Crowder was egging the crowd on so the end zome crowd gave him a rousing ovation. By this time Matt Light was smiling realizing the ridiculousness of the entire altercation that had Light pulling Crowders corn rows/braids (as his helmut had been pulled off) and then Light punched him a couple of times. Light may not be smiling so much when the punishments are handed out this week. I have to think that Light will be suspended one game while Crowder will be fined in the $25,000. neighborhood.

Now don’t think Light is getting off with a lighter financial penalty because along with a suspension is the loss of a game check which will be in ther 6 figure neighborhood for Light. Light might escape with just a fine (a very steep one- $75-100,000.) but I doubt it.