Garnett riled up

2nd year Chicago Bull Joaquim Noah is one of those cocky young NBA players who still thinks he is the dominant player he was in college.  Kevin Garnett last night was more than helpful in giving a wake-up call to Noah.

In the 3rd quarter Noah was aggresively defending Garnett out near mid-court when Noah was called for a foul but Garnett gave Noah a little elbow on his way out of the contact between the 2 players and was called for a technical foul.  Noah clapped in Garnett’s face whole yelling out “Stupid”.  Uh, Yoaquim- you just don’t pull on Superman’s cape, especially when you are trailing by 22 points early in the 2nd half.

On Garnett’s ensuing trip to the free throw line Garnett, after making his 1st free throw, yelled out in the direction of Noah a 2 word expression that had to do with Noah being a “freakin weakling”. Garnett went on to become the game’s leading scorer with 18 points to go along with a game high 10 rebounds.

Noah has alot of energy and enthusiasm, but he needs how to learn that bridle that a little unless of course he likes getting scored upon by NBA players who are just as competitive and more talented.



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