An Indianapolis weekend sweep of New England ?

That is what the folks here in Indy are preparing themselves(hoping? wishing?) for after last nights defeat of the Celtics by the hometown Pacers. If the Patriots defensive effort mirrors their basketball brethren- it is going to be a long night/weekend.

No Morris, No Jordan- No Way?

The best way to beat one of the fastest defenses in the NFL (If not THE fastest) is to try and overpower them. But with both running backs Sammie Morris and LaMont Jordan out of tonights game with injuries, Bill Belichick is going to have to reach and reach deep into his bag of tricks to figure out a way to beat the speedy Colts.

I know, the Colts are just 3 and 4. Do NOT let their record fool you. Peyton Manning and the Colts offense has struggled-21st ranked out of 32 teams, but He is still Peyton Manning and despite having a lower quarterback rating than Matt Cassel, the Colts passing game is the 9th best in the league. And, oh yah, The Patriots pass defense is depleted (and not very good last week giving up 300 plus yards to the Rams marc Bulger).

and to make matters even worse-While the Patriots are still hurting, The Colts tonight may get back 2 of their best players- Safety Bob Sanders and running back Joseph Addai.

Tho this is only a regular season game, if Belichick can pull off a win here-this wold be one of his most impressive regular season conquests.



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