Another Big injury no big deal?

If Tom Brady’s injury did not cripple this team, the Patriots can certainly overcome the broken arm of Adalius Thomas. Thomas will definitely be out a month but the team is still trying to decide whether to put Thomas on the injured reserve list which would put him out for the year, or not put him on the IR and hope that Thomas can come back in another month and half and perhaps play with a light cast.

I know there should be a limit as to how many setbacks this team can take but I don’t think they are their yet, and more importantly they don’t think that they are at the limit. Ellis Hobbs and Mike Vrabel today both said that this injury to Thomas is a tough one but that it is time again for someone else to step up. That person is 3rd year linebacker Pierre Woods.

Woods, the 3rd year linebacker out of Michigan has played well when he has gotten the chance-his one weakness is the obvious-inexperience. He said today that he has learned alot from all of the linebackers he has played with and then spewed the company line-“I just have to do my job”.

Defensive lineman Jarvis Green said today that this team wenr thru something similar to this in 03-04 so they know what they are facing and have overcome these setbacks before.


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