Ortiz speaks

When David Ortiz speaks, everyone listens, at least the media does.

Ortiz this morning met with the media to publicize his new charity golf tournament to raies money for a Children’s Hospital in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz says that he plays golf but that he is not Tiger Woods. Neither is anyone else, but I’m betting Ortiz is alot more fun to play with than Tiger or anyone else. I don’t think I’d be holding my breath for any big birdies from Big Papi.

Ortiz weighed in with me on a number of subjects

-The world series- “I think Tampa bay just kind of tired out, much like the Patriots did in last years Super Bowl after all of the strain of the regular season and 1st couple of playoff rounds”.

MVP-“Dustin Pedroia should be the MVP hands down”.

Francona-“An amazing manager, don’t know how he did it this past year-always uplifting, like a Father to me.

Gifts for those coming to his Golf tourney- “Shades, just like mine”

The golf course for his tourney-“Paradise, white beaches, sky blue water, it’s where I go at night to just mellow out” …when do we leave?



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