Celtics-Hawks: I Feel Bad For Randolph Morris

Big Baby was taken to the back for some medical treatment… he just walked back out to the bench with trainer Ed Lacerte. He looks good to go, so that’s a positive sign.

(3:35 in the second) Ray Allen is reading the blog… enough of these silly jump shots. Ray took it to the hoop for a pretty layup… fouled in the act, and the 3-point play makes it 46-39 Hawks. Slowly but surely, the tide is changing here. The Hawks are missing shots and starting to turn it over. Let’s see if the Celtics take advantage. One thing I have noticed: the Hawks are crashing the boards on every play… it seems like they have four guys under the glass after every shot.

(1:41 in the 2nd) Kendrick Perkins gets the ball down low and goes up for a dunk attempt… he’s fouled, and the Beast is released! Perk erupted with emotion, riling up the crowd behind the Atlanta bench. It was interesting to see. Usually Perk just stares someone down… but he’s sort of come out of his shell this year, both in terms of talking to the media and showing emotion on the court. It’s a welcome development. I think the league is catching on that he’s one dude not to be messed with.

(:33 left in the 2nd) Speaking of dudes not to be messed with, Kevin Garnett reaffirmed his membership in that club, slamming down a Rondo alley oop directly into the face of Atlanta’s Randolph Morris. I think the ball is permanently wedged in his face. That also gave the Celtics their first lead of the game, 51-50. The Hawks would add a free throw to tie the game at 51 as we hit the half.

Great back and forth game so far. The Hawks, while cooled off, are showing that they are definitely no longer in awe of the Celtics.

:33 left

rondo to garnett in traffic… FACIAL on randolph morris and the foul
51-50 first celtics lead of game

offensive fouls hurting hawks
tied at 51


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