Celtics-Hawks: Music Musings

Breakdancing Kid is back! And this time, his mom got in on the action, swaying to the disco classic “Car Wash.” Still no sign of Superman Kid so far, but Jack Black Crazy Dancing Guy has been here a few times, as has Crazy Santa. None of them may be able to top the kid who danced in the aisles (a la the Breakfast Club) singing “Living On A Prayer” while CelticVision captured it all on Monday. They just ran it again under the title of “Celtics Fan Instructional Dance Video.” Absolutely classic. No idea who I’m talking about? More incentive for you to get to a game!

Oh yeah, basketball. Let’s talk hoops.

The Celtics are settling for a lot of jump shots here in the second, as the Hawks pad their lead with points in the paint. Back to the action…

(7:00 in the 2nd) A furious Doc Rivers just called for time after one possession that ended with missed 3’s from House and Pierce, and another that ended with Flip Murray stealing a pass, leading to a Joe Johnson putback. The Hawks lead 44-28, but it’s how they are doing it. They are preventing the mid-range jump shots that Garnett, Pierce, and Allen live on. They are preventing second chance points, and they are forcing the Celtics into bad shots from the perimeter. Meanwhile, it’s a barrage of 3’s, layups, and putbacks on the other end. Of course, I said all this Monday and the Celtics woke up in the third and made it a game.


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