Celtics-Hawks: The Truth Shall Set You Free!

It’s always a good sign when Kevin Garnett is talking to himself coming back on the floor after a timeout. None of it is printable, but that’s a good thing, trust me.

Two KG foul shots give Boston a 94-90 lead, but Joe Johnson comes right back with a crazy spin move in the paint… man, if Boston still had this guy…

(2:08 remaining) And pow! Shot clock ticking down and Rajon Rondo drains a deep jumper in the corner. But the Hawks come back again – Maurice Evans with ANOTHER three… who is this guy?! (a 5th year man out of Texas you say? Ah ha!) But it’s Paul Pierce with a drive to the hoop, and the foul… a 3-point play for the Truth makes it 99-95 with 1:37 to play… timeout Atlanta!

(33 seconds remaining) Still don’t think Joe Johnson would look good in green? He just drained a runner to tie the game at 99. On the flip side, Jack Black Dancing Guy is here (in a shirt and tie no less) doing his thing. I swear, one of these days we need to profile all of these regular characters. What a bunch of whackos (but they are all equally awesome).

21 seconds left, and the Truth does his thing, driving and getting to the line. He nails both (32 tonight by the way, after 36 on Monday) to give the Celtics the lead.

7 seconds left – are you kidding me?! Marvin Williams comes right back and drills a 3! What are these guys drinking! My fellow prognosticators agree that this team is light years ahead of the wide-eyed playoff newbies that came to the Garden last year. This is like a college game… big shot after big shot… insane.

00.5 left – WHAT?! Paul Pierce does it again! Right out of the timeout, he took two dribbles and put in a fallaway jumpshot! Celtics win 103-102! What a finish! Time to go in for postgame, but I suspect these two teams are NOT done. Wow.


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