Celtics-Pistons & Patriots-Dolphins

While watching the Celtics summarily dispatch the overmatched Timberwolves (Sebastian Telfair was their 2nd leading scorer, need I say more?) I have got to make one final observation of Thursdays Celts-Pistons game.

The Pistons represented everything that is bad about the NBA. Having played a tough game the night before against Cleveland, the Pistons came in to Boston and gave about a quarter and a half of good effort before realizing that they were probably not going to beat the Celtics so they mailed it in the rest of the night. No one more so than Rasheed Wallace-what a dog! and how much money does he make-13 million a year?

Celtics fans have been spoiled for quite some time because over the last 4 or 5 years, their team has not mailed it in like most NBA teams do on the back end of a difficult back to back game. Even before Garnett arrived, yes even when the Celtics were very bad- they really did give an honest effort virtually every night. Now with Garnett that is never a question.

Now for the Patriots game. Experts (Ok, me) figured that the Pats would beat the Jets and then struggle with the Dolphins (and lose to the Steelers, beat Seattle, Oakland, and then split with Arizona and Buffalo to make the playoffs). Since losing to the Jets, the Pats now MUST beat Miami or realistically look at not making the playoffs.  Could they still make the playoffs if they lose to the Dolphins? Yes, but they would have to run the table AND still need help from the Jets and Dolphins losing a game they shouldn’t.

Sunday is going to be very good- the forecast is for a drizzle which might be helpful to slow down the Dolphins very good running game.

More from Miami (Fort Lauderdale) on Saturday night.



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