Expecting Worst for Matt Light

Watching Matt Light and Miami linebacker Channing Crowder head to the locker room after both of them were ejected from the game for fighting caused alot of curiousity. After the ejections were announced during the 4th quarter of Sundays game, both players headed toward the locker room, at exactly the same time. Both were walking and were exactly opposite of each other on their teams sideline. Their is just one exit to the field and it is directly behind the goal post making it an equal distance/walk for each player. They looked to be on another collision course as each player looked like he would get to the exit at the exact same time….

Until Light’s escort finally realized it as they were about to make the turn from the sideline to the end line and he slowed Light’s pace down, in fact even stopping for a minite or 2. He didn’t want to end up in the middle of some more fisticuffs.

Actually Crowder was egging the crowd on so the end zome crowd gave him a rousing ovation. By this time Matt Light was smiling realizing the ridiculousness of the entire altercation that had Light pulling Crowders corn rows/braids (as his helmut had been pulled off) and then Light punched him a couple of times. Light may not be smiling so much when the punishments are handed out this week. I have to think that Light will be suspended one game while Crowder will be fined in the $25,000. neighborhood.

Now don’t think Light is getting off with a lighter financial penalty because along with a suspension is the loss of a game check which will be in ther 6 figure neighborhood for Light. Light might escape with just a fine (a very steep one- $75-100,000.) but I doubt it.



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