The “Mouth that Roars” silenced

I have to admit that I like Joey Porter. On the field he plays all out every play and is one of the best at his position-in fact he will be all-Pro this year. Off the field he actually speaks his mind, unlike most of the Patriots. But yesterday, Porter was silenced.

This past week Porter expressed his strong dislike for the Patriots and Bill Belichick for a number of reasons. Bad Idea. In Porters 2 games in Miami against the Patriots, Belichicks crew has rung up a total of 97 points against Porter’s defense. Ouch!

Yesterday Porter’s post game comments, “………..” nothing. The mouth that Roar was silenced, silenced by Matt Cassel’s 415 yards passing, silenced by Randy Moss’s 3 TD’s, silenced by Kevin Faulk and Cassell’s rushing touchdowns. And Oh Yah, silenced by the referees who flagged Porter twice in the final couple of minutes of yesterrdays game for unsportsmanlike penalties, penalties we can only deduce came from the mouth that was still roaring until the very end until, finally, it was silenced. Silenced by the 48-28 final score.

Porter’s poor sportsmanship along with some of his teammates earned them a page 1 article in this morning’s Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentintal headlines “Sore Losers”.



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