Celtics-Warriors: Never Doubt The Power Of Dancing Kid

Back out for the second half – and Rony Turiaf is in for the Warriors, replacing Brandon Wright in the starting five. The Celtics bench guys are the ones standing now, as they try to creep back from what is currently a 12 point deficit.

(7:42 left in the 3rd) Well, at least Ray Allen came to play. He’s doing his best to match Stephen Jackson (currently 22-17 in favor of GS), including a rare dunk finish on a fast break. Going to take more than that though, Golden State still leads by 10. Maybe Dancing Kid can get the team (and the fans) back into it. He’s drawing quite a cheer right now busting a move to “American Boy.”

(5:40 left in the 3rd) Dancing Kid always works! The defense returned, and Rondo and Allen each finished on the break to make it a 6-point game. Kendrick Perkins is now the only Celtics starter not in double figures, and he has 9 (KG 12, Rondo 10, Allen 19, Pierce 11).

(5:09 left in the third) Scary moment as Rondo flew to the hoop for a layup. He took out Rony Turiaf in midair going to the hoop (no call), and Turiaf crushed teammate Stephen Jackson on the way down. Jackson appears to be OK, but Turiaf has come out. Warriors lead 76-72.

(3:38 to play in the third) Rondo is stepping up, driving home a slam on the fast break, and taking a charge on the other end. Is he worthy of the All-Star push he’s getting on CelticVision tonight? 77-74 and the Celtics have the ball – big slam on the rebound by KG! 77-76 GS.

(1:23 left in the third) Turiaf is back in the game, wrist bandaged. Golden State is clinging to a 1-point lead as Tony Allen replaces Ray Allen. Back with more in the 4th!


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