Celtics-Warriors: We’ve Got A Game Here

(2:10 left in the 1st) Man, somebody needs to get Rajon Rondo new shoes. Seriously, he loses one it seems like every game! Larry Izzo and Tom Brady’s consigliere Will McDonough are sitting courtside near the Celtics bench. Otherwise, no notable celebrities to report, so far. The subs are starting to come in as the first winds down.

(9:57 left in the half) Celtics are up 39-30 as I notice how Golden State has so many of the “same” player. Maggette, Jackson, Randolph, Kurz, Azubuike, Crawford… a lot of shooters and only two real big men, Andris Biedrins (who’s not that tough) and Rony Turiaf (who is just an energy guy). And add shoot-first point guard Monta Ellis to this group when he’s healthy, and I really don’t know what they are thinking here. Sure, there will be a lot of 3-point shots, but who’s playing defense?

(7:29 left in the half) The Warriors are making a game of it, using some outside shooting and Andris Biedrins down low to come within 2. Interesting to note that the entire Warriors bench has been standing and cheering this entire quarter… not unlike the Celtics of last season. And they are really getting into it now that a Maggette jumper has tied the game at 43. Time out Celtics with 6:13 left.

(2:07 left in the half) Forget making a game of it, the Warriors have taken over. They’ve evened out the points in the paint stat (24-24), and taken over on fast break points. Most of that has come from Corey Maggette (17) and Stephen Jackson (18). The once hot crowd has gotten a bit restless. So has Doc, getting T’d up at what I perceive is a lack of calls for the Celtics. As one fan just remarked, “they haven’t called anything on our end in 8 minutes!” 67-54 Golden State at halftime.


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