Pats-Steelers Preview

I do not like the early arrival of precipitation to help the Patriots chances of a win.

All week long we heard that the rain would not come until after the game, and then the last day or 2 we heard that it would come toward the end of the game. Have you looked outside?

If you’re afraid to-check out the radar on this very web site. The rain is here and it looks as if it’s only going to get worse/heavier. That is not good news for the Patriots offense which already has a formidable task in trying to overcome the NFL’s #1 defense. Pick your category-the Steelers defense is #1. Hope Belichick has a few tricks up his sleeve-he is going to need them.

Now, on the positive side, the rain is not going to help Pittsburgh’s somewhat suspect offense as well. Ben Rothlisburger has been known to make mistakes and the rain should help the Patriots sub-par pass defense defend Rothlisburger.

More on this game including the inactives, where the Steelers RB Willie Parker is the biggest question mark tho he did practice on thursday and friday, as kick off gets closer.



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