What needs to Happen for Pats to make Playoffs

I’m going to make it very simple for you and I’m going to put you way ahead of the game as far as what needs to happen for the Patriots to make the playoffs.

After todays loss to the Steelers, who just might be the best team in the AFC-definitely in the top 3 with Tennessee and Indy, the Patriots are on the outside of the playoffs looking in meaning they need help.

O-K here it is in a nutshell, The Patriots must win out-4 straight, a feat that is very doable as they play @ 2-10 Seattle, @ 3-9 Oakland, 7-5 Arizona @Foxboro, and @ 6-6 Buffalo.

Next, the 8-4 Baltimore Ravens, who are currently just ahead of the Patriots for the 6th and final playoff spot in the AFC, must lose 2 of their next 3 games vs 7-5 Washington, vs 9-3 Pittsburgh, @ 8-4 Dallas. The Ravens must lose twice and hence end up with a worst record than the Patriots because the Pats would lose the tiebreaker because of a worse Conference record.

So, if the Pats can win out and Baltimore can lose twice, and seeing that those 3 Baltimore oponents are an average 4 games over 500, losing 2 out of 3 is very possible. Losing to the Cowboys is the most viable since that will be a desperation game for Dallas. The Redskins this week should also  be desperate since another loss would virtually eliminate Washington from playoff contention.

Now there are 2 other options for the Pats, but not very viable ones

1) The Jets must lose 2 of their last 4- @ 4-849ers,  6-6 Buffalo, @ 2-10 Seattle, 7-5 Miami, or

2) along with Miami must losing 2 of their last 4

More updates over the next 4 weeks but above is eveything you need to know and we will be scoreboard watching the Ravens and Jets the next few weeks.



2 Responses

  1. Dude, thats a pretty sorry ass analysis. Pats can not only make the playoffs but can win the division. The 4 Pats games are very winnable. Jets need to win all their 4 OR win 3 AND both div games. If not, Pats win Div due to common games tie breaker. I see Jets lose 2 average case OR at least 1 of the div games. And Pats get in as the 3rd seed.

  2. This is the point where Pats depend on others (the worst scenario) but before we start to support and pray for other results, Pats must win the three games ahead. Raiders are done, Arizona is in and they won’t play hard and the most difficult could be Buffalo (maths are their hope but sports history has seen such miracles…)Pats will end 11-5

    I think Jets will win the AFC East. So , we must expect one Dolphins’ loss (@Jets) and two Ravens’ losses(Steelers and Cowboys). Miami and Baltimore will end 10-6. Pats will get the slot No 2.

    All of us start to play Maths in December. But I’m so sure our Pats will be in.

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