Pedroia signs 6 yr deal

The Red Sox have relieved themselves of alot of headaches, which could have included a nasty holdout (or 2), by committing 40 million dollars to Dustin Pedroia over the next 6 seasons, with a club option for the 7th year (2015).

After winning the MVP award, Pedroia had the hammer in contract negotiations. Tho he wouldn’t be available for arbitration for 2 more years, when he would have commanded a 4-5 million dollar a year salary, and then 2 years after that free agency would have garnered him 7-9 million dollars a year, he is going to start receiving those big salaries now, which includes a BIG signing bonus in the 2 million dollar range.

Pedroia, this coming season, would have received a generous salary increase from $457,000. to over a million dollars year. Now he will get a little more than that along with his signing bonus. Not bad for a 5 foot 7 inch guy who people doubted all thru his career. Now, Pedroia is laughing all the way to the bank.


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