Junior Seau? Really?

I realize the Baltimore Ravens have a tough final four games, and the Patriots have four very winnable ones… but is anyone out there truly filled with confidence now that the Patriots have signed Rosevelt Colvin and Junior Seau?

Fans always say, “trust the system.” Well, this is a system that told us these guys couldn’t cut the mustard anymore… and now we’re truly believing that they will be the ones to hold the line and get the Patriots into the playoffs?

These moves are stopgaps, nothing more. If either guy makes even one good play, it will have been worth it for the Pats, because the crew that’s out there isn’t getting it done. Jerod Mayo has clearly hit the rookie wall, and Vrabel and Bruschi are looking very human out there.

Now everyones’ hopes have been buoyed by two guys who literally walked off the street. Sure, Seau is a conditioning freak, but you can’t simulate game action on a surfboard or in a gym. And even Bill Belichick had to chuckle at the media attention being paid to the Colvin signing. He knows its an emergency move, and nothing more. It’s not like the Patriots signed Lawrence Taylor in his prime.

I guess what I’m trying to do here is temper expectations. These two moves, in and of themselves, aren’t going to mean a whole lot.

Protecting the football, making the catches when you’re wide open, sticking to your man and making tackles, and scoring every time you have the chance… now that will win the Patriots some football games. Yeah, I know – real original ideas – but sometimes we all need a reminder.


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